Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Bachelor - Women tell all!

Oh yes they did!  This episode was vicious & catty right from the start!  Almost all girls came out kicking & scratching (and they wonder why they didn't find love?!).  They immediately put two-faced Michelle in the hot seat, spending way too much time discussing her intentions and mothering skills.  I loved how Jackie bit her tongue after Chris Harrison called her out on being ugly, err... I meant jealous.  Then Ashly H. comes to Michelle's defense making herself look like a shining star.  I wonder if Ashly's new & improved look has anything to do with the next season of Bachelorette?  Bets anyone?!  I must admit, I truly enjoyed the first hour of Michelle drama.  I mean, who better than Michelle to make the night all about her?! She always seems to put a smile on my face.  Whether it be out of spite or just pure entertainment... Michelle is one of those girls who finds a way to steal the stage... She's officially become "the girl we love to hate!"
 Then out comes the douche... err, I meant Brad.  Oh, and btw Brad... if you DON'T pick Emily next week... "The Douche" nickname stays for good!  So out comes Brad looking slick as ever.  We immediately find Brad trying to sit comfortable knowing he's about to get ambushed by a bunch of rejected woman (who act like hormonal teens).  Brad flashes back on Ashly S with an apology for saying she wouldn't make an extraordinary wife for HIM.  Bite your tongue Brad Womack, didn't you realize that when she first spoke?  The girl just reached puberty.  HELLO.  Yah, she'd make a great wife for my 20 year old son but not a successful therapy patient like you!  He quickly moves onto some of the other girls who he enjoyed making out with like vampire Madison, bulimic Britt, regretful Ashly H and cry baby Michelle.  What I want to know is why didn't they talk to Shawntel the mortician?  They must seriously be afraid of her wicked embalming tools!  After that... ABC moves on to showing us a softer side of Brad (& Chris) by stealing our hearts with their contributions to the Henna School.  I loved that both men are humanitarians (if only for this one episode).  Brad showed sincere interest in these adorable little kids and was very affectionate to many.  I think this might be our clue as to who he chooses.  I believe we're looking at little Ricky Bobby's new daddy!

As the night quickly ends , we see a doting Brad give a shout out (and almost shed a tear) to his unknown "babe".  Who could it be?  He claims he's in love and I believe him.  There's a small sparkle in his eye that we haven't really seen before..  I still say it's Emily!  Especially after they recap on previous clips of his connection with the final two woman.  Did anyone notice that Chantel's clips were dreary & blah ending with Brad saying he could very well see Chantel being his wife.  Emily's clips on the other hand were passionate and loving with Brad saying... "I WANT EMILY TO BE MY WIFE".  Is there really any question here people (other than next weeks preview which are trying to throw us off)?  I guess I should be asking myself this question since I'm the one who keeps going back and forth as to who Brad will chose?!  Until next week.... 

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