Friday, March 11, 2011

TSUNAMI WARNING: Stay away from the beach!

Despite warnings to get off the beach there are still people heading to the coast!  One person was seen walking their dog and enjoying the huge waves that were crashing along our pier. This is not recommended since we are not sure how big those waves are going to get. West coast tsunami warnings were issued early this  morning for the California coast.
Tsunami sirens went off (in Pacifica, CA) at 5:00 AM and residents received phone calls to move further inland or head to higher ground.  Pacifica School Districts closed all schools to take extra precautions.  Most of the residents are complying with the warnings and the Coast Guard is monitoring all areas along our coastline.  The 8.9 earthquake that devastated Japan is causing disaster all over the world. Make sure that you stay away from the coast if at all possible.  This is to be taken serious.

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