Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I finally had a chance to go and see, "CHASING MAVERICKS" this past weekend with my two sons. It was a great & inspiring film to watch with my teens (who both enjoy surf & skate).  I promised myself not to expect much (coming from Hollywood), but to my surprise, I walked away smiling and thankful for the opportunity to talk to my boys about important & valuable issues that the movie delivered.  Born & raised in small beach town, I was excited to see this movie simply for a few reasons:  1.) I was lucky enough to stand watch while they filmed numerous scenes along local beaches and at my neighborhood high school 2.) I had the opportunity to meet Johnny Weston during filming and he was one of the NICEST kids I've EVER met!  So polite and well mannered!  I had no clue he was the star of the show?! 3.) The story is based on true adventures of local legend, Jay Moriarity & Rick "Frosty" Hesson, along with big wave surfing at Mavericks (the big wave break next door).   
There were many times I cringed in my seat as I watched these guys drop into insanely large waves and get pounded for long minutes at a time and then there were times when I found myself feeling sorry for a sweet little boy who had so much to live for.  Hands down to Hollywood for delivering Jays life in a meaningful way.  I am not a movie critic but if I my voice counts, I'll give it two thumbs up on behalf of Roger Ebert!

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