Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brad Womack... You're NOT a Douche!

I officially take back your dubbed title, "THE DOUCHE" Brad Womack!  Ya done good son! 

Thank goodness for untrustworthy spoilers!   Last nights finale  had me on my toes for the first 5 minutes but it was pretty clear thereafter that "Em" was his girl!  YAYYYYY EM!  From beginning to end, Emily captured our hearts and never once pretended to be someone she wasn't.  Brad seems to truly love this woman.  I was a little worried when Brad nearly passed out after Emily confronted him with the reality of parenthood.  I thought the guy was gonna drop to the floor and pretend to never wake up (which would have been more like Brad's "I'm afraid to commit" character), but not this season!  He did it!  Thankfully, my wish came true and Brad Womack proposed to Miss Emily Maynard.

What I wasn't expecting was a "not so sure" Emily at the, After the Final Rose, show.  I was surprised to see my sweet little Em let her insecurities get the best of her.  But really, how would I feel watching the man I love take another woman to his Fantasy Suite if he knew all along that I was the one?  Eh, hum.... (the old me would have said DOUCHE here).  I agree with you, Em!  Any girl would!  Including you, Chantel O!  However, as we ALL KNOW... Brad has gone through extensive therapy and is a rebuilt man because of it!  His therapist encouraged him to follow his libido, err... I meant "heart" and so we should blame the other guy for telling Brad that it was okay to do this!

In the end... Emily still says, "YES" as Brad slips on a re-sized, beautiful Neil Lane engagement ring and so a new beginning starts!  I'm excited for little Ricky!  I truly hope that Brad is ready to be the wonderful daddy little Ricky deserves!  Even more so... I am hoping for an everlasting relationship with many years to come!  Time has proven that most Bachelor couples don't last and so I hold on to my Reality TV Faith that Brad & Em will be hanging out with Trista & Ryan 5 years down the road!   Cheers to a happy ending!

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