Friday, March 18, 2011

BE PREPARED for a major earthquake or disaster!

What is the chance you or your family will be involved in a major quake? Are you prepared to survive until help arrives? Here are some simple steps you can take to prepare your family for a major quake disaster.

  1.  Educate your family about earthquakes. Take shelter in a doorway or under a sturdy object if indoors. Never run outdoors if you are inside. If outside, stay away from power lines and buildings where objects could fall. Consider having an out of state relative serving as the contact since most interstate lines may be hard to reach. Teach family members how to turn off gas lines or electrical power that may need to be shut off after a quake if severe damage occurs.
  2. Develop a plan! Where will your family meet in the event of a disaster? What if some people are at work or school??? How will you know they are safe? Where will you all meet up?
  3. Pack a preparedness kit and keep it in a safe location.  If it's for a fire in case your house burns down you wouldn't store it in your house would you? In the event of a major earthquake you are most likely not going to be able to get back into your house. Keep supplies in your car trunk or an outside storage shed that is smaller. If you MUST store the preparedness kit in your home, do not store it on the bottom level since that will most like be the level that will be buried if your house collapses. Maintain your supplies. Make sure batteries are fresh and medicines are exchanged when they expire.
  4. If you live in an area where quakes are likely you may want to take added measures such as securing furniture that could move around or making repairs to your home that could make it weak in a quake.

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