Thursday, February 24, 2011

COOL CRAFT: Ocean Flower Pot

Scour the shore at low tide, or dig out your old seashell collection to put those finds to good use. This seashell craft is a fun way to dress up a boring clay pot.  It's not only beachy, but it's useful too.  I like to leave the body of the pot plain but I've seen many people add a weathered look (paint) too!  A really fun craft to dress up your beach bungalow!

  • Terra cotta pot (any size you want)
  • Assorted seashells (assorted shapes and sizes)
  • Glue: glue gun and sticks or tacky craft glue
  • Powdered Milk Paint (available in craft stores if you want a weathered look on the bottom of your pot).
  • Lime powder (find at garden centers to finish off your weathered look).
  • Paintbrush
  • Medium grip sandpaper
You first need to decide if you want to weather your pot.  If so, that will be your first step.  If not, move onto step #2.
  1. To weather a pot, combine 1 part powdered milk paint with 1 part water. Apply to pot with a paintbrush. Let dry 1 hour.  Combine 1 part lime powder with 2 parts water; brush on over paint. Let dry 1 hour.  Sand the pot  with medium-grit sandpaper until desired look is achieved.
  2. Lay out a pattern of shells that are uniform in size and appearance and glue them onto the rim of the pot with your hot glue gun or tacky glue.  Allow the glue to dry before you begin planting in your new ocean flower pot.

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