Tuesday, February 15, 2011

COOL CRAFT: Beachstring Wall Art or Wind Chime

Driftwood with shells hanging from twine

Everyone loves bringing treasures from the beach home but most don't know what to do their finds.  Beachstring loves creating beautiful accent pieces with shells - it's a wonderful way to bring a hint of the ocean into your home.  Make your own beachstring wall art or wind chime with your favorite seashells you've been collecting from the Sea. 

  • driftwood & seashells
  • natural twine
  • electric drill 
  • small drill bits 

  • Lay out your materials onto your workspace and piece together how you would like to string your treasures.
  • Cut 5 pieces of twine in different sizes (start with 30" - which will shrink once you start tying knots).
  • Drill 1-2 holes in each seashell (2 holes for any vertical hanging shell).  Be sure hole is large enough to string the twine through. 
  • Drill 5 holes into a long piece of driftwood - be sure hole is large enough to string your twine through. 
  • Pull twine through the holes in the driftwood and tie a knot at the top and bottom of each hole.
  • String your shells onto the twine (different amount of shells on each string looks great!).  Tie off with a knot.
  • WALL ART:  Drill a hole in the middle (or two at each end) of driftwood and then screw into your wall.
  • WIND CHIME:  Wrap twine (2 times) around each end of driftwood and tie a knot to hold it in place.  Hang your new beach chime on your patio or in your yard!

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