Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saint Emily

"I'm just a little more private than most. It'll take me a little while to open up." - Emily

Emily Maynard.  What can I say - besides anything nice - about Emily?!  There can't seriously be one person out there who is not a fan of Emily.  Heck... even a house full of crazy bachlorette's (fighting for the same man) can't say one bad thing about her!  That alone tells you something about this girl's character!  She is one in a million.  A diamond in the ruff.  The kind of girl you pray for when your son says he has someone for you to meet!  She's kind, beautiful, and SWEET!  Trust me... It took everything I had to sit down and re-watch Brad screw up this season of the Bachelor but, Monday night's don't hold very many options.  So far, this season hasn't let me down as I initially thought it would.  The world has fallen in love and it's NOT with Brad!  I think we could all use a little "Emily" in our lives!  Will she get engaged and become the first Mrs. Brad Womack? That is yet to be determined... If not, just know this Emily... The world has fallen in love with you and your story.  If Brad screws this one up (AGAIN)... we, the people, vote you to be, the next Bachlorette!  You truly are a  Southern Belle!   

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