Monday, January 17, 2011


Sometimes we just know things even before it's proven a fact. During pivotal moments in my life, whenever i had a doubt, intuition was always right. But that "gut" feeling isn't always reassuring. It's really only a confirmation.
My (almost) 20 year old son is leaving for boot camp to become a Marine this Sunday. It's a scary feeling as a mother to know that your son is leaving for the Military. Friends try to comfort me and say that I can't think of the worst. And they're right. Many soldiers have come back home to their family and friends. But then there's the other side that reminds me of the scary facts when becoming a soldier. Lately I've been very sad and distraught about saying goodbye. Yet, when I really start to think about it... why am I sad to say goodbye? The Marine's (boot camp) will be an empowering experience for him. This decision will change his life for the better. He will become a strong, committed young man able to take on the world. Completely opposite of the actions he's been displaying as a boy here at home. Every time I begin to doubt his choice or question whether (or not) it's right... he does something lame confirming that joining the military may possibly be, the BEST THING for him. Though his future in the military is unknown... My intuition tells me that he's going to do great things once he flies from the nest and mommy can let go of calling him her little boy!

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